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The Beijabar are what are commonly known as shapechangers. That is, they can change their shape and the nature of their bodies. The only example of this shape changing which Tolkien gives us is by Beorn, in The Hobbit. Beorn can (and frequently does) change himself into the shape of a bear. We don't know whether this was the only shape he could change into, or whether it was just his preferred form. For the purposes of ElendorMUSH, Beijabar may only shape change into a bear.

The Beijabar are extremely rare, descendants of an ancient race long forgotten (they are now part of the Beorning culture). Only they know their origins, though it is commonly known that they used to live in the Misty Mountains, which are now infested with orcs. The shapechangers vary in power and ability, just as humans do in physique: some can change at will, wile others must struggle to change their forms (or to keep themselves from changing when they don't want to).

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