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All Arauruks (Half-Orcs) can pass as fully Human, although they may have ugly or deformed looking features that mar their appearance. In certain instances, they can pass for a plain, ordinary Human. This particular breed of Half-Orc is rare, often the Orcish strains dominating the features and creating typical disfigurement. In all cases, there are telltale signs of a Half-Orc: fangs and claws. A devious Half-Orc, trying to pass as Human, often files the claws and fangs to conceal their true identity.

Half-Orcs are members of the Isengard culture only, being a product of Saruman's breeding efforts and the first of this race was born in T.A. 2876, although other births followed in subsequent years. The exact population of this race is small, mostly due in part to their recent appearance in Middle Earth. Half-Orcs enjoy an uncanny ability to mingle as easily with Uruks as with Humans, allowing them a certain elevated social status within the Isengard culture.

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