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 Syntax: +BBNOTIFY <bboard>=<function>

 Normally when a message is posted to a bboard, nobody is notified of this 
 event except the sender. Using this command you can specify a list of 
 people who are to be notified (if they are online) whenever a new message 
 is posted to board <name>. <function> must be a computationally 
 inexpensive function which returns a list of dbrefs of all the people to 
 be notified. Note that if a dark or hidden admin posts a message to the 
 bboard, only members of this list who are both online and can see that the 
 admin is online will receive the notification message. Also players set 
 haven or +os/haven never receive notification messages.

 Example: +bbnotify admin-bb=\[get(#10000/adminlist)\]
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